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Boosting Your Teenager’s Poor Self-Esteem


As parents, we want our teenagers to be confident with themselves. However, adolescence can be a trying time in one’s life. Moods, actions, and relationships can all fluctuate, and this is a common time for many teenagers to feel low self-esteem.

Open communication is particularly difficult during this time, which is when our behavioral health services come in to support both parents and teenagers with evidence-based strategies.

Make it clear to your teen that your love is not dependent on their grades, performance, social group, college, or any other thing, including their choices or actions. Focus on their efforts and successes rather than perfection! Teach and encourage your teen to be proud of their accomplishments rather than constantly aiming to be number one or excel in all they do.

Encourage your teen to try new things. Trying new things and making new acquaintances can enhance your teen’s self-esteem significantly. Assist your teen in learning to set objectives and then take steps to achieve them. This is a learned process that can help a teen with low self-esteem feel better about themselves.

Develop a strong relationship with your teen by resisting the impulse to turn everything into a lengthy lecture. Instead of worrying about being “right” or having the last word, focus on improving your listening skills.

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